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Our Story

Our Story




Your jewelry is just as unique as you are. We all have special qualities that set us apart, just like the beautiful ornaments that individualize our preferences and styles. This is what Isonia is all about. Out of the 7 billion people in the world, there is only one person, who has your interests, your fashion sense and your fingerprint, and that is you. This is why Isonia is symbolized by the one thing that no one in the entire world can share with you, your fingerprint.

We understand that it is difficult to embrace one's individuality. It can be hard to channel self-confidence when the need to fit in is much stronger. I suffered a similar situation when I was younger to the extent that I fell to reassuring everyone instead of prioritizing my beliefs. Yes, it was hard to escape that circle, but I managed to break free when I embraced jewelry designing at 18. For, me, this was my means of expressing my uniqueness and sharing it with the world. For me, this was my fingerprint.

Slowly, I started building Isonia, prioritizing the need to make everything special. I aimed to design jewelry to be simple yet stunning. Each piece is individually crafted in all its magnificence, designed to signify its uniqueness. Each piece is honed and crafted to perfection, with a special story that births its creation. Jewelry is designed everywhere, but I wanted my ornaments to represent something else. I wanted it to represent you!

I design my pieces to look subtle, yet meaningful, each with own story, each with its own statement. I believe that an ornament should not overpower you. Instead, beautiful jewelry should complement your beauty and style, enhancing it to add to your appearance. Therefore, I set out to design different jewelry with a variety of characteristics. Some relate to one aspect of your personality whereas others can have a different meaning. In short, insonia helps you embrace your own self, crafting unique pieces, which define your beauty rather than overpowering it.

You need to believe that when a woman is confident in her own skin, her confidence is her permanent statement accessory. It is this confidence that sets you apart and individualizes you from the crowd. You need to be bold and accept your inner self to allow yourself to shine. This is what Isonia is all about. Statement pieces that express the beauty of being you!