3 Day Gold Rush Sale - 50% off entire order - GOLDEN50

3 Day Gold Rush Sale - 50% off entire order - GOLDEN50

Skinny Delicate Hoops

✨ Why Brazilian Gold Filled & Overlay Jewellery?

🌟 Brazilian gold jewellery stands out as a superior choice compared to stainless steel and gold-plated options.

💪 Durability: While stainless steel may offer durability...
🚫 It lacks the luxurious appearance and investment value of Brazilian gold.

Elegance: Gold-plated jewellery may offer initial shine...
⏳ But often fades over time,
🇧🇷 While Brazilian gold maintains its brilliance and elegance indefinitely.

💖 Preference: With its perfect blend of beauty, quality, and affordability...
👑 Brazilian gold jewellery outshines its counterparts,
🌍 Making it the preferred choice for jewellery lovers worldwide.

This Earring is 100% hypoallergenic and Lead & Nickel free.

5mm thick (half round)
35mm in height

Same day shipping available at no additional cost, additionally, free shipping via 1st class Royal Mail (2 business days).

If you have allergies towards certain jewels, this would be perfect for you as you will not have any reactions.

This earring is made from 18K Gold Filled which has a durability life of over 1 year.

You can wear this jewellery in water however for long lasting wear, we suggest not wearing your jewellery in water & avoiding contact with lotions, perfumes, and oils.

If you have any questions, please send me a message and me or someone from my team will be in touch within the hour.


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